Reddit – MachineLearning – [D] Is ICLR as good as NIPS/ICML?

Source: Reddit – MachineLearning – [D] Is ICLR as good as NIPS/ICML?

PhD student here studying ML/DL.

Another student in my lab who is going on the academic job market next year actually chose not to submit his deep learning paper to ICLR and waited until the ICML deadline. His reasoning was that an ICML publication is going to help him much more in academic circles (as opposed to industry research applications). In my (somewhat biased) view the paper is certainly good enough to get have gotten into both.

Having looked at a bunch of papers from ICLR, I can’t help but notice that the quality seems to be lower than NIPS/ICML papers (though certainly, this is not to imply that all NIPS/ICML papers are categorically excellent). I was especially surprised by some of the papers that were chosen for oral presentations.

Of course, in an ideal world these things wouldn’t matter, but in reality publication venue matters a lot. Would love to hear others’ thoughts on this.


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