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I made a web-app titled “Matching Dog” which matches what kind of a dog breed is similar to the face image of a user.
I made this web application via Keras with Theano backend. (originally, I tried to make it by Tensorflow, but I encountered some technical issues, so I simply changed the backend to the Theano. Then the problem was gone. idk why.. but it worked.)
This web app is operating on Microsoft Azure service and I used Django framework for the web app development.
You can check my web application via this link. (
Once you access the web page, you can upload your face image by the upload button.
If you are concerned about a privacy problem, you can test the service by normal dog images.
Then it will return what kind of a dog breed is the dog in the picture.
Please enjoy this web app, but it will be expired in about a month since I am using a free coupon for Azure service.
Actually, it was a part of a project from Udacity AI Nanodegree but my contribution is the construction of web service.

  • Github Repo.

Web UI:
Deep learning model:

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